Other Useful Information

Garbage Disposal / Recycling

Garbage and recycling will be collected on a Wednesday. Please put any bags and boxes out the night before on the curb. Please follow the below instructions for correct disposal: Black: All food garbage (including bones), tea bags, coffee grounds and used filter papers, used kitchen towel, grease, fats and oils, hair and fur. Blue: Clean paper and paper products (including magazines and newspapers) and all cardboard. Please flatten your cardboard boxes before you place it in the box. Green: Clean (rinsed) plastic containers, metal cans, bottle tops and waxed cartons.

Bed Linen / Towels

The beds have been freshly made up for your stay and there are towels in the bathrooms. There are linens and pillows for the pullout couch in the cupboard in the master bedroom.

Twice a week the housekeeping will arrive to change your sheets and bring you new towels. We respect the environment so, if you'd prefer they didn't change your sheets, we'd be a-ok with that! (It's entirely your choice, however.)
On your departure day, please strip all used beds (including duvet covers) and place in the laundry room.

What to do in Case of a Power Outage

PHOTO HERE Power outages do happen in this part of the world so please be prepared. The house breaker panels are located in the laundry room off the main kitchen area; all breakers are labelled. Should the power fail there are torches and candles in the laundry room cupboards. **Important**
Following a power outage, please ensure that all stove and oven switches are turned off immediately and all saucepans etc. are removed from the stove top and oven. This will ensure that when external power is restored there is no risk of fire from burning pots and pans. Similarly, if candles are used, guests are asked to ensure they do not pose a fire risk by being used thoughtlessly or by leaving burning candles unattended.