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Getting Yourself Oriented
  • Access Codes / Instructions
    We will provide you with an access key code before arrival. This will allow you to check yourself in to the property. Look out for the code in your inbox 1 week before arrival. Please ensure you have the code before you travel. If not, please contact us. There's nothing worse than arriving somewhere new (potentially at night) and not being able to get in! To get in simply enter the 4-digit code and then press the # button on the bottom right of the pad. You'll hear the lock open. You can then turn the door handle and enter. Once you close the door behind you the lock will engage. Again, you'll hear the lock doing it's thing!
  • What We Provide
    You can expect these items at the house, so please don't worry about packing them. Note that if you run out of disposable items during your stay, you will need to pick up more while you are shopping. Bedroom/Bathroom Linens Pillows Towels (except beach towels) Hair dryer Hand soap Toilet paper Kitchen Trash bags Paper towels Dish soap Dishwasher soap Antibacterial wipes Broom and dust pan Hand soap Dishcloths and hand towels Pot holders Coffee pot Keurig machine Waffle maker Toaster Blender Hand mixer Glass baking pans Pots and pans Muffin tin Measuring cups Measuring spoons Cooking utensils Serving and mixing bowls Can opener Corkscrew Plates Glasses Wine glasses Coffee mugs Knives Flatware If any of the above items are not at the house, please call us so we can get them replaced. Living room TV DVD player Throw blanket Child items Child plastic cups and dinnerware
  • Don't Forget to Bring
    It's not an exhaustive list but here are a few things that we've found guests often forget: Personal toiletries (i.e. shampoo, bath soap, toothbrush) Travel insurance Beach Towels Plug adapters (more info here)
  • Grocery Options
    Skip the food shopping at the end of your long journey! There are a couple of options: 1. Browse our grocery starter packages by clicking this link [insert website link here] and we'll take care of the rest. 2. Order direct with [insert grocery website link here] before you leave home and specify at check out whether you'll pick up or have them deliver. Use code 10OFF at checkout for a special discount exclusive to those who stay with us!
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